Just a bit of babble

Hello, I’m Jamie!

I am a full-time university student studying international development in the beautiful city of Brighton. I’ve previously worked with some luxury skincare brands as a website designer. Although there is a small portfolio section on here that isn’t the core purpose of this website.

For many years I’ve wanted to blog. I have previously blogged on and off about all things website design. Now that I don’t do much web design work, I don’t really feel I would get much satisfsction out of that. I’ve put together this site to note down some of my thoughts.¬†This has allowed me to create a place where I feel comfortable in sharing my daily woes and achievements with friends and strangers especially now that I no longer use Facebook or Twitter (just a big sucker for Instagram instead).

Please take a look around. Who knows what I’m actually going to write about? It’s as much of a surprise to me as it is you. Whether or not you know me it would be nice to read any comments you may wish to make or answer any questions you have. Alternatively, if you want to offer me a modelling contract or you want to make me prime minister please¬†drop me a line. I’m your man and open to negotiation.

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